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Gusty Bleu's Backseat Blurt-outs...

  • mom, what's that disease that rhymes with Fiona?
  • This show is dumb. d-o-m. dumb.
  • I know how to get all of the boogers out of my nose.
  • My lizard is the best at staring contests.
  • Dane stop! You're ruining my imagination.
  • A tornado is worse than losing your favorite toy.
  • Why do they call them cowboys? They ride horses.
  • Wouldn't it be nice if laundry washed itself?
  • You can't build a tree, you have to grow one.
  • For Christmas I'd like some fish food. Then I can get some fish. Oh, and I'd also like a box of crab rangoons. Real ones. To eat.
  • I just smelled my sockies and they smell like rotten eggs. blllaaaaahhhhh
  • I forgot, what are husbands called in a wedding? Oh yeah, a broom.
  • Why didn't you name me Blossom? I like that name better.
  • Can necks grow?
  • If you smell something, then smell it too much, you can't smell it anymore.
  • Am I dreaming?
  • Penguins, they come from the Cold Pole.
  • It's not broken, it just fell apart.
  • You can take a picture later, because the moon will follow you home.
  • I have to sit with you all day now because I can't when I go to school next year.
  • lots of people love cats and dogs.
  • I can speak chicken Spanish.
  • I did in on the day that passed, you know....tomorrow.
  • I'm soaking hungry
  • Icees have drink stuff in the bottom of them
  • Ugh means icky. And Icky means ugh.
  • I'm not drooling, my lips are.
  • Trees can't walk
  • I can't find my tired.
  • Crickets can't fart but horses can because they have butts.
  • Pink is NOT purple.
  • Snakes can't eat people.
  • Airplanes fly away
  • Ants have yellow blood
  • tigers can't go in a swimming pool
  • Fish can't eat cookies
  • Grapes have juice in them
  • Dogs can't go into the post office
  • Cows can't smile.
  • Dinosaurs don't have boobies.
  • Monkeys live outside.

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August 19, 2010


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Tina @ Squirrel Acorns

Excited to see what you have coming up for us!

wool food mama

Thanks Tina. Building skills and confidence first, then we'll start rocking out all of it. My entire portfolio of animals, eventually. :)


Dannielle Roach

I feel the equally conflicted about patterns. Glad I'm not alone.

By the way, I am in love with some fairly inexpensive scissors that work marvelously on felt. I've been using CutterBee scissors (intended for scrapbooking) for years. They stay so sharp right to the tip longer than any others I've tried. Only the teflon coated scissors suck. But the regular ones are wonderful. Love them.

Dannielle Roach

oh...and they're like eight bucks. :D

wool food mama

Thank you Dannielle. It's people like you, that shared what you knew, that helped me get to this place. Gave freely.

For anyone reading along, my first set of felting needles came from Dannielle. My mentor in craft. <3

Thank you too for the tip on the scissors. lol. ha, couldn't resist the punny.



What a beautiful thing you are! You will be rewarded ahundred fold from the universe you know. I will wait with baited breath for every single post, Kerry.

wool food mama

If I had any doubt about what I'm doing it would have been wiped clear with that post.

Thank you so much Kerry, you rocked my day! :)


left 4 dead survival warehouse

I'll start from the beginning and I'll try to keep the lessons brief, full of photos, and with graduating degree of difficulty. We'll build your toy making skills and stash deliberately, with thoughtful consideration of costs and necessity.

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